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8 things you should be doing NOW to save your hair from breakage.

Raise your hand if you despise hair breakage. All of us at Blonde Love Salon are right there with you. With the cold dry winter months upon us it’s critical to add moisture back into our hair. Daily moisture and care is needed to save our hair from breakage. BLONDES NEED MORE LOVE. All of the following recommended items can be found in our salon.

  1. Lack of moisture- Ensure you are giving your strands the love they deserve. Don’t subject the hair to too hot of water or hard water that can leave the hair dry and brittle. Add a monthly masque + Olaplex no.3 to your weekly wash routine.

  2. Heat Styling- If you heat style everyday try going only 2 days a week and styling with heat free methods. #braiddays anyone?

    Kevin Murphy young again oil has a heat protectant and is crucial to preventing breakage.

  3. Blow Drying- Did you know healthy hair can stretch 50% when wet. Now imagine your BLONDE strands that have been lifted. OMG, take a deep breath. When you blow dry your hair it is best to use low heat and dry your hair 60% before picking up the brush.

  4. Towel- Using your bath towel to turban your hair is a big NO-NO. Instead try using a salon grade micro fiber towel to gently dry your strands.

  5. Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase- Your beauty rest could be breaking your hair, cotton pillow cases create friction as you snooze. Invest into a satin or silk pillowcase. All of these types are designed with the health of hair+ skin in mind.

  6. Over Washing- Wash your hair 1-2 times a week max. The more you cleanse the more it’s stripped of it’s natural oils. Instead Use your Dry shampoo and schedule a weekly Blowout with your favorite BLONDE LOVE STYLIST.

  7. Brushes- With wet hair you always want to start with a wide tooth comb to detangle, or gently use your fingers adding oils and leave in conditioner. After you have towel dried your hair, blow dry your hair until it’s about 60% dry. Then grab your wet brush and carefully tame those snarls. When your hair is 70% dry, switch to a boar bristle brush to lock in that volume and shine.

  8. Elastics- Never use elastics with metal. Instead reach for clear elastics, ribbon elastics, or a quality scrunchy to put your hair up.



Blondes need more LOVE.